Not so good at finishing things

I have changed alot in the past few years, my house is never spotless and I always have alot of projects on the go. I use to finish one thing before I started another, now when I get an idea I run with it incase I forget it. Sometimes they come to me at odd times and I do a sketch. Here's what I've been working on in the weekend. I must admit Mum had two of the kids for me so there were alot less arguments to sort out.

Just need to sew in the linings on these bags. I kind of did them on auto pilot while talking to a friend in Australia, she spent the best part of a 2 hour phone call trying to convince me life's better over there. We're both pretty different and I think we're both where we belong. The bags are destined for the Mapua Easter Fair.The mint ballet jersey just needs sewing up, it's been in my sewing bag for a week, PJ will LOVE it when I give it to her. She's a shoe girl though and will want a pair to match. Mum bought her THREE pairs in the weekend, one was the most girly pair of soccor boots for the upcoming season. The blue and gray on needles are my nephew's booties, they're a "must do" tonight. I'm quite liking that colour combo and might do a jersey to match.
I made the red head a xbones sweater and it didn't fit so I made another, then PJ wanted one so I made another now I have three which need their neckbands added and a few more cut out because I quite like the way they are turning out. The tweedy wool hat half finished was for me but it was getting too fiddly for me at 10pm so I abandoned it for now. PJ has a lovely pink and paisley pair of pants waiting for elastic. So you can see I had a productive weekend even if I didn't finish a thing! We also spent Saturday evening at the skate park with the "skatey boy" and it was just lovely doing something especially for him. It was good to get out too and get some fresh inspiration. The local youth were awesome on their bikes and boards and I was pleased to note none of them were smoking even though most were unaccompanied at 6pm.


melissa said...

so much goodness! i can't wait to visit your stall at the mapua fair.

your kids are lucky to have those skull tops, too. are you hand or machine-appliqueing them?

andsewtosleep said...

Hi there - such production. I love the bags and the stripey sweater. I have a grown up baby (21!) who would wear that. X bones are quite trendy over here (or so I'm told?)Mary

alisonmc said...

Beautiful ballet top. Where did you get the yarn? The colour rocks.