Blogs for beginners

It's great to hear from so many friends that they've tried my tomato soup recipe, it really is yummy isn't it? Someone asked me today how to make a blog. I'm still making mine but I can tell you how to get one started and introduce you to some of the best ones I visit. Most of them have links down the side of the page which direct you to other good blogs or highlighted words that you can click to look at other things, I havn't quite sussed out how to do that yet. So to make one for free go to http://www.blogger.com/start and just follow the directions. You should be able to click that address to get there. Ask a teenager for help if you get stumped. I know there are other places where you can make blogs too, I think you have to pay for some. If you like you could google blogs or blogging to find out more.

The blog I visit every time I'm online is Melissa at tinyhappy. I don't know how to highlight a word to get you there but click this address and check it out. http://www.tinyhappy.typepad.com/ Melissa is a brilliant, creative young mum and blogs almost every day. Through her blog I've found some other real beauties, I like the nz blogs but she has some fantastic international connections too. Here is a great list discribing some good nz blogs. http://stripysockstudio.com/index.php/site/entry/new_zealand_blog_posse_wahoooo/ my apologies for not knowing how to make a proper link. I hope I didn't have to get permission to link, I have a feeling there is blogging etiquette but I havn't really sussed all that out yet either.You can comment on peoples blogs by clicking the comment button at the bottom of each post where you can also read other peoples comments and click their names to see if they have blogs too. I have noticed alot of craft bloggers put on photos of their beautiful children which kind of worries me cos you don't know if you've got creeps looking at your blog, but each to their own you'll never find a picture of my kids on my blog. Happy blogging/blog reading. Here's a picture of my craft corner today, a few projects on the go and a few ideas cooking.


melissa said...

Hi Gill,
Thank you for the shout-out!
Your crafting space looks lovely- very calm and organised. Can't wait to see what you're working on.

andsewtosleep said...

Hi Gill
how I wish I'd found your blog before today. I set up my blog recently (very) and spent ages trying to work out how to do it - with my daughter's help for just a few hours. Adding a link was agony -but in the end quite easy. I know there are lots more things I could do with it but for now I'll keep it simple. I love the pic of your puppies and hope to try your tomato soup. Mary