Huts and Pups

When I asked my son who's 10 to stack some wood in the wood shed his creativity got the better of him. It happens alot, he's the dreamy creative type who get side tracked by a better idea. Often they are marvelous like this, but sometimes when he's supposed to be getting ready for school and is building a city for his cars I get a little bit snotty. Just as well we live close to school as he often doesn't get there till 5 to 9. He rushed in to get the camera after about an hour "just in case it falls down" then when it was finished called us all out to have a look. He suggested to me that it was big enough for him to sleep in!I guess it will remain in the garden as a sculpture until the wood is required. The nights are definatley getting colder and I'm waiting for the Autumn rains so I can collect mushrooms in the country and plant bulbs and do some weeding again. The ground is as hard as rock and although my back is getting better I daren't attempt any digging yet. You can see Willow's puppies have grown, they are very amusing to watch play now and the whole family watches them after tea instead of the TV which is nice. They know my voice, my walk and all come running out of their box when they hear me coming. It's been a great experience but I look foward to them going to their new homes now.

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melissa said...

wow, Gill- this certainly is an amazing hut. What a creative son you have! I bet it smells lovely and earthy in there.