op shop goodies

The other day after a long day in Nelson visiting people and an appointment with the chiropractor I decided to call into my favorite op shop on the way home. I just wanted to stretch my legs really. Imagine my delight when I found this bag of quilting " fat quarters" and a few bigger bits too, it was just what I needed to inspire me to do some sewing. I don't quilt yet but love flowery fabric and will use for applique. The browny bits are very inspiring for autumn. I'm half way through alot of projects but instead of working on them I'm full of excitement waiting for my brother to send me photos from Adelaide of my new baby nephew. I'm a first time Aunty so it's pretty exciting. I'll have to settle with photos for now as I visited them last year for their wedding, I'd so love to be cuddling a new baby today though.
I'm off to make booties for my nephew now. He's a darling.


kate said...

excellent, I love the op-shops in Nelson. I have also been admiring your beautiful teacup below, very nice :)

andsewtosleep said...

What a lovely find and such an assortment. Would make a lovely scrap quilt. Mary

melissa said...

wow- what a great score! a nice ending o your day in nelson. i'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them.