Midwinter- make wheat bags

We can't find the wheat bag that skatey boy created at school, when he bought it home though everybody wanted it for warming up their feet and achy bones. I found some dried herbs I saved last summer and raided the chooks wheat to make some more.
Since they all wanted one then and there we didn't muck around with creative shapes just some nice soft micro fleece squares.
A few words of warning: The chook wheat was quite dusty and needed winnowing so it didn't aggravate the asthma. I'd buy food grade in future for asthmatics or dried corn sounds like a good alternative too.
We heat them in the microwave for two minutes and always with a glass of water to keep the grains moist. I'm not to sure how long they will last but if you are going to add herbs like I did just keep an eye out that they don't create a fire hazard. I did a wee bit of searching for advice, the message seems to be don't overheat, always add the glass of water.
There are reports of wheat bags catching fire so be responsible.
The solstice passed me by this year without much notice. The midwinter lack of energy and sick family making it too much effort to celebrate. The kids all perked up just enough to spend a few hours in good company in the winter sunshine on Saturday afternoon.

I'm not sure if I'll manage to get up early this week to see Matariki rise either.

The "red head" is very slowly recovering, I must say in my almost 16 years of being a Mum I don't think I've had a child so sick for so long before. My Mum came and gave me a little bit of time out because you wouldn't believe how much a week of whinging can bring you down.
I tried alot of creative ideas to make him happy. We raided the art cupboard for stickers, stamps, paper, glue, paint etc. None of that worked, neither did books cuddles or DVDs. He was off his food in a big way and has lost quite a bit of weight, the teen also lost 5kg and even once he got well enough for school he came home every day and slept.

Finally I happened on an idea for "red" that sustained his interest enough to forget about his aches and pains:

A squirty bottle with water!

He did a great job "cleaning" all the windows in the play space even if he did get the carpet and sofa a bit wet. It was worth it to have some peace.


Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

Hi Gill
Hope your family make a full recovery very soon. I've got my kids home today. Always in winter I question whether it is a good idea to work outside home. At least on my very part time hours I can be there a lot for when the kids are marginal - better off at home but difficult to take time off work for an under par but not depserately ill child. Last week was the week of no appetite but I think today is a different yuckiness. They are eating boiled eggs and soldiers as I type - our home grown eggs would cure any illness with their goodness, surely!

Julie said...

Hi Gillybean - have just stumbled across your website - how awesome! Well done - where ever do you find the time??

I found your blog when I was looking for ideas on making my own wheatbags - I have only just discovered them, and want lots!! I will make my own, as a way of using up all those leftover bits of fabric that I love too much to throw away. But whats the best wheat to use, and where do I get it from? We live in suburban Auckand, so theres no chucks feed to raid here I'm afraid! (I dont suppose they sell it in The Warehouse...)
Any thoughts would be very much appreciated, and in the meantime keep up with the blogs and websites - what an inspiration. Back to my boring bookkeeping .....

Gillybean said...

Hi Julie, Do you have " Bin Inn" up there? They are always a pretty good place to start for bulk items. Otherwise a good health food shop would have bags of wheat or barley you can use.
Thanks for visiting and taking time to comment