Thanks for all those warm wishes on my last post. My sympathy to everyone else dealing with kid's winter ills, Briar mentioned being at the faintly hysterical stage, I can so relate to that! We sat at the emergency Dr's yesterday for hours because the red head's cough was developing into asthma which I find very scary to deal with in the middle of the night. A thorough search at home did not turn up the spacer the Dr gave us last winter to administer Ventolin, (totally beyond natural healing at this point) so there we were in in a cold waiting room full of people who would rather have been home by the fire I suspect, as the poor Dr struggled on his own to keep up. The red head impatiently wailed and whinged as each person went in before us until a nice man taking pity on me (or fed up with the persistent grizzling) let us go before him. The doc told me he'd done 3 swabs for swine flu that day, Y U C K! I was glad to get out of there with the spacer and some panadol ( I admit defeat) and home to the warm fire. I didn't get much more sleep than the previous few nights but the "red" was a little more cheerful today and so was I. The sun shone so I got three loads of washing almost dry. You have to count your small blessings don't you?


Johanna said...

Lots of sympathy for those sleepless nights keeping vigil with asthmatic children. Glad things on the mend.

Corrine said...

I have the same problem here. Just an annoying winter cold and sniffle, but I thought I'd try out our anti viral tissues and whatnot to keep it spreading to all of us and failed totally. No Swine flu down here yet but I have two kids prone to asthma so I'm hoping it will stay out of this area. We're also fattening roosters for the pot, they make such good soup but I do hate the actual deed, I get far too fond of them. Good work getting the garlic in! I had every good intention, but now everything is frozen solid so they'll have to wait til the soil unfreezes...maybe next week ha ha