Midwinter at our place

The sound of winter coughs has been echoing around and around our house all week. The teen, who loves school has had to take a week off and the red head is miserable but won't take anything that's offered to make him feel better. I wake up in the night to the noise of sleepless coughing or am kicked in the back by a wee boy needing comfort and a tepid flannel to cool him down.
Exhausting being a Mum sometimes, not having any time to my own thoughts is tiring too.

I looked back at last years garden pics and was a bit depressed at how much better the garden was progressing this time last year. I let too many weeds go to seed in late summer and Autumn this year. On the plus side alot of red mustard, silver beet and lettuces went to seed so there are alot of fresh greens.

To coincide with the week of coughing, we've had some pretty heavy rain which has stimulated a bit of growth, (I'm glad I got that garlic in) and look what I noticed on my nursery table:

BABY PINE NUTS! Collected back in February . Looks like I'm going to get a fairly good strike, it will probably take three years to get them to a size to give away and likely 15 -25 years before they produce but here they are beginning life in 2009.


Johanna Knox said...

Wow, look at those pine-nuts!!!!

Sorry you have a house full of ailments. We're still waiting for this year's big hit of colds and flu ... (Gotta come soon ...)

Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

The rose hips photo is stunning Gill. I like the giant red mustard as well - I'll have to plant some. I've not put my garlic in yet. Aiming to have the beds ready for the next lunar optimal time at the end of this month.

melissa VB said...

Hey Gill, pine nuts, so exciting!!!! My garlic might go in sometime soon.. havent been in garden much at all recently. Finished sewing for maaikes birthday so maybe that mental block has gone....

briar said...

aren't coughs the pits! Poor them and poor you!! We are in the same boat with a touch of gastro flu thrown in- ts truly amazing how far my 3rd kid can puke! Must be some kinda record...hubby and I are at the faintly hysterical side of things, as really...what else can you do! Get better wishes to you all.
Briar x

Morgan Todd said...

Loving reading the blog Gilly try to come on at least once a week for updates.

Hope you and the kids are well. Poor little red head & teen who loves school. Hope they're better soon.

Thinking of you all.

Heart in the country said...

I hope you house is soon clear of colds, I don't know who they affect more, the children who succumb or the Mums who have to chase around making sure they are ok.

Look after yourself;0)

Ruth said...

What beautiful rose hips! Are you going to make jelly or anything? How exciting to see pine nuts sprouting too, especially at this time of year! Enjoy the sunshine... sometimes that's all it takes to make you feel better on a winter day :)