Just a little knitting

This basket of wool illustrates how easily I can be distracted from things I should be doing. I sorted out my stash trying to find something suitable to knit skatey boy a hoodie from the Son of stitch n bitch book. I did not find any yarn in my suitcases for the project. I found lots of small bits leftover from other projects which I sorted to give away. Then I found this pattern
and couldn't resist giving it a go. I'd like to knit enough of them as party favours for the red head's 4th birthday coming up. He's never had a party of his own with his friends before, so far we've only had family celebrations because I'm very turned off by the idea of a junk fuelled plastic party which alot of kids expect to have. I was very inspired by images of celebrations at small wonders, involving earthy crafts and gifts and am thinking along those lines for the red head.
Next Saturday the 4th of July a friend of mine has organised an indoor market, a first for our town to be held in the War Memorial hall. I hope the community turn out in force to support local crafts people and community in a nice warm atmosphere. I think there may still be room for stall holders so get in quick if you have some goods to offer.


Corrine said...

ooooh cute. How long does it take to knit these up?
I know what you mean about the birthday thing. Actually most kids are happy with a balloon and a piece of birthday cake to take home. As for games...you can't go wrong with pass the parcel and a treasure hunt. Have fun.

Gillybean said...

I can do two after the littlies are put to bed in the evening.

Christy said...

i've just been knitting the very same pattern :) they're quite addictive... after doing some lace knitting recently i appreciate that i don't have to think too hard about them.

hope the kids (and you) are feeling a bit better now.