Seed saving

I ended up with a house full of teenage boys today, I decided to look busy so I could keep an eye on them. Though I don't know what I was worried about, have you seen "the big bang theory"? Well it's like that here except 15 year olds.

It was a flaming hot day so the superhero and I collected some seeds while trying to ignore how many STINK BUGS are ravaging my garden.

The red couldn't keep his fingers out so instead of fight it I embraced it. We counted pea seeds and described what they felt like, discussed bigger and smaller and then put them all into packets.

The rest of the time he drove the big boys nuts. I cannot imagine what life will be like when he is 15, I wonder if I'll still feel like having house fulls of noisy teens!
The other day I found some old video of when the teen was 4, we had a georgous new baby in the house ( Cluck, cluck) and for teen life revolved around a Thomas the tank Engine train set while the only technology in the house was a TV for which we had to pay a licence fee for and an old ATARI game. How quickly times change! And I only looked 21 or so, My God!

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