Painting update 2

One of the nicest features of our little old house is the lilac windows in the bedrooms and bathroom. They're jolly fiddly to sand around though, you'd think I'd have quite good fine motor skills but they don't seem to work on this sort of thing. I admire people who renovate their houses especially scraping off years of paint to reveal real wood. It takes alot of energy and elbow grease, I think I may have lost weight or toned up some muscles I didn't know I had at least. Thank goodness I'm onto painting now.

The red head has been surprisingly good, the teen is babysitting with alot of complaining, even though all he's done is put DVDs on for Red to watch while Teen plays games, I think they've eaten cheese on toast every day which is all the teen is interested in making. (Note to self, more cooking lessons) Never mind the paintings gotta be easier right? Have to admit it's not my thing at all!

Am so GRATEFUL to at least have my own home though and want to put some effort into maintaining it. Mum reckons it's going to look like a hospital room all white, but I got a cheap deal on paint so white it will be.

Am missing being in my garden.

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Sandra said...

There has been painting going down round here with the same admiration for people prepared to sand all the way back to real wood. Favourite Handyman has prepared, removed rot, bogged and then repainted the kitchen windows and is part way through the same process for the back porch. If he were to do the whole house in a year, then I think he would have to retire from work to do it!