garden notes Jan

Quick word before the fair. This week has been all about garlic!! I'm sick of it. Yesterday my attention span was about 20 minutes before I had to get up and do something else. The big plait is seed for planting in winter it's very heavy but I probably haven't saved quite enough yet.All going well this week I will show how I plait garlic. Here they are waiting for me to put tags on. The Pokororo Fair is on tomorrow I'm cringing at the thought of windy weather as there is nothing worse at the fairs than holding onto a gazebo all day. Hopefully the fore casted rain will hold off even though I want it for my garden. As you can imagine there are big gaps in the garden that need to be filled now the garlic is out. Better get the winter brassicas, beans and lettuces in quick!


Christy said...

those are gorgeous! i'm very impressed, hope the market goes well.

Melissa van Boekhout said...

Wow! Didn't have any stalls anywhere, made tthat decision couple of weeks ago, just as well, been laidlow with cough and mother mastitis this week. Have my stuff in a shop called DElume in Nelson, nile st west.

Jane said...

The garlic looks fantastic. I had a go at braiding mine this year- but it didn't quite work, so I would love to see how to do it. Good luck at the market!