Midsummer Holidays

When we were little it was haymaking and shearing the sheep that kept us at home during the Christmas holidays, now it's the garlic and fruit. I don't mind really, our holiday town is full to the brim so I haven't been anywhere near town or to the beach for at least a week. Another reason I don't have to go far is that much of our extended family head back here for Christmas and New Year so I don't need to go far to catch up with my cousins and their growing broods. My kids are loving the time with family, they went water skiing at Kina beach the other day and have played paintball today. The red head is at a bit of a loss though when the big kids head off he's usually left at home and I'm pretty boring to spend time with. See what I mean below:

All that garlic needs cleaning and plaiting, while the fruit is being chucked in the freezer so I can get myself sorted for the markets. Say Hi if you are out at the Pokororo Fair next weekend. Hopefully I'll be the one smiling behind loads of garlic plaits and beautiful bags. (Faking that I'm not about to topple over in the heat or from sleep deprivation) :)


Sandra said...

Have a great day at the market. Your gooseberries look wonderful.

Did you get my message about the kefir?

Christy said...

Hi there

I wish we could grow gooseberries up here....

My kids get to do all that fun stuff too.

One of my friends has asked for some advice on harvesting garlic, but is the first year I've grown myself so not too sure either what the best method is - do you have any tips for what works well?

Cheers, Christy

Linda said...

Oh, now I want a bush. I must have very fond memories of them!