2008 Harvesting

The last two days have been lovely. I'm beginning to think staying home in the garden all day would be the best way for me to keep my emotions on an even keel because I feel relaxed and satisfied after doing it. It is hard to see all the goodies in the garden as they are getting overtaken by weeds and seeds but I know where to look and was thrilled to find all these chillies, tomatoes and peppers that were red and not rotten hiding under the rampant growth in the tunnel house. Now I just need to make the right contacts to be bartering these goodies with. When I was a teenager there was a green dollar system set up here in town. Wouldn't it be great to be able to use your sewing, baking and gardening skills to pay the plumber, Dr, mechanic etc. I suppose it would be a nightmare to administer and before any of you suggest it, no I'm not up to it at all!Look at that though, real milk with inches of cream on top. Guess what I bartered for this? Live rats! I know! Brilliant!

Keep the comments coming below to be in for a bag, remember to add your name/contact. I'll draw it sometime on the weekend. I'm quite excited.


rag_grrl_nz said...

That's so cool! I'd love to have a green dollar system going in our village. Rats, ha! Cool!

Anonymous said...

The reds in the basket look fantastic and the cream WOW! I know there are some local groups in Australia called LETS in which members barter and exchange using a points scheme. It would be difficult to manage on a large scale though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill, regarding the books I got the hat patterns out of,
Devil hats / Stitch n Bitch
Bear and Tiger hats / Double knits by Zoe Mellor
Baby hats / Last minute knitted gifts by Joelle Hoverson.
LOVE your harvest, looks to good to eat! Jannelle / Heart Felt / www.teatodtoad.typepad.com

jasmine t said...

oooh!!!yay for harvest time!!!I love the feeling of coming into autumn and getting ready to preserve and stock up ready for the winter!! is it too late to comment to get in the draw for a bag??? they are LOVELY!! do you sell them at a market or anything??