Four things

Sally Ann tagged me awhile back to tell "four things". I was too busy with the Easter Fair preparations to do it at the time but I've been looking foward to it cos it's my first time being tagged.

Four movies I'd watch again

Shrek 1 and 2

Finding Nemo

Ice Age

Land before time

( I know I'll watch these again cos the "red head" watches these when I sew. We love the songs in Shrek)

Four places I've lived

Augathella, Australia

Masterton, NZ

Motueka, NZ

Queenstown, NZ

(wishing that read a lot more exotic)

Four TV shows (i'm embarrassed) I watch

Shortland street (I yelled at the TV the night Joey died)

Survivor - it gets worse.......

Americas next top model ( I'm cringing at what this reveals about me! My friends think I have the TV viewing maturity of a 16 yr old)

And because I'm a farm girl at heart Country Calender.

By the way don't ring me when any of these are on cos I won't be listening to you.

Four places I've been

Farewell spit

Fox Glacier

Castle point


Four people I email

Workmates and family who'd kill me if I named them here.

Four things I love to eat

Woodsmoke marinated mussels

Feta cheese

White bait

Anything from my garden especially pumpkin

Four places I'd rather be

In my garden

At my Grandmas house (now sold)

"Upperhale" the farm of my childhood

Motueka Valley River ( it's magic)

Four things to look forward to

Changing seasons

My children growing and being happy

Knitting shawls for my grandchildren

Living on a farm

Four people to tag

Anyone who wants to.
Two totally unrelated photos from our ramblings in the native bush

Do you see the weka?


jasmine t said...

nice camoflaging mr weka!!!!
i had to look a coupla of times!!hehehe!!!

Sally Anne said...

Thank you for the four thing meme, Gillybean, and the perfect photo of Mr Weka.

Anonymous said...

Hey Masterton is pretty exotic! (I wish) Fun reading and lovely photographs. Jannelle / Heart Felt / www.teatodtoad.typepad.com

Linda said...

Whitebait, yes, lovely. We can't buy small inexpensive fish, but would love to. Love to have fried sardines and whitebait.

Linda said...

I considered myself tagged, thanks Gillybean.