Fresh breakfast

I was in a weedy, seedy part of the garden this morning because I needed bay leaves for dinner going into the slow cooker. Right over in the back corner of my garden I noticed my breakfast sitting waiting for me. (No I don't eat spiders) About half a dozen big figs, what surprised me was the fact the birds had not beaten me to them and that they were not at all dry given the fact they had no extra water this summer. Hooray for home gardening.
I have been chopping into that big fabric stash this weekend some beautiful wool fabric that was going to be trousers has become two new bags. It's got me thinking of appliqued cushions too. No time this week though. The teal coloured one with the odd design is supposed to be a paua (abalone) because the lining is the lovely paua print I won from Sally Ann. Here's where I should link to that. Sorry off to sew.


rag_grrl_nz said...

Yum, your figs look great!

Sally Anne said...

I really love those bags, and the design is great.
I hope you don't mind but I have tagged you for the four things meme.You don't have to do it if you would rather not:)

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

I've never tasted real live figs... they look gorgeous!

And the bags are cool - I am feeling the messenger bag love at the moment and yours are particularly awesome.

Amy said...

hey! were you at mapua easter fair?? at the back? next to a pregnant lady's stall? Im sure I drooled and lusted all over your bags.

Gillybean said...

Yes I was at the fair next to the very pregnant lady. Enjoyed a beautiful day, child free and getting lots of warm fuzzies about my stuff.