Winter Blues

I'd like to say that I spent the rainy weekend creating and finishing all sorts of marvelous projects but the truth is. I argued with the teenager who keeps asking me why when I tell him something. "Take a coat for after Soccor" "Why, I don't need one!" "Four hours is long enough on the computer, hop off please" "Why, that's so unfair"

I tried not to get into a debate about it so he said "Why aren't you answering me?" Holy Moley I thought toddlers were bad, I had no idea did I?

The mountains of wet washing for a family of 6 can be quite a mission too. I don't believe in dryers, they make me feel lazy and like I'm wasting electricity but sometimes I wish I wasn't so damn stubborn about them. I never seem to get on top of the washing at this time of year. L did however build me a fancy new drying rack for over the fire on saturday, it was a pity I was in too much of a snotty mood to say thanks when he put it up. It's actually working a charm and skatey boy loves to load it and hoist it up, so that's a bonus. I sound like a real moaner, I'm not I promise. I made myself laugh later as L had said "what do you want me to do to help" my very irrational reply was " Push that bloody kitchen wall out so we've got some room for a start!" Sound like cabin fever? I'm better today the sun is out.

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melissa vB said...

Very funny Gill! I bet L was on his best behaviour too! I am so glad its sunny again! I've been in the garden making fences for my vege garden in the hope that the chooks won't desecrate it so much while i'm gone!