The chooks are in the good books

The chooks are happy to have been let out to browse in the garden over the last few days and have rewarded me with an egg on the most dismal winter day yet, a medium sized brown egg so it wasn't from one of my new black Minorca chooks which lay lovely white eggs. It made my day! Can you tell I lead a simple life when and egg delights me?
The chooks having wheat to warm their bellies before dark. The speckled bantams are Pekins, the white are Light Sussex I think, and the black are the Minorcas. The bright red comb shows me who's laying or about to lay.

I'm on holiday from tomorrow. I'll be trying hard to get all my paperwork up to date so I can have a crafty break. My diary for the holidays is filling up pretty quick though so I'll have to pencil in craft days or I'll miss out. The garden is dying for some attention too, it's about the time to tackle the brambles and berry canes and move a few things about. I planted a new addition last weekend, a delicious greengauge plum. I've easily got six weeks to finish all the winter pruning, but better get all the garlic in by the end of the holidays.
Next weekend I have to update my First Aid certificate I'm hoping I don't get stuck in with a whole lot of forestry workers or fishermen, cos I don't fancy putting a big hairy bloke in the recovery position, I know I've totally lost my sense of adventure! You won't hear from me unless get totally bored with being on holiday.
Thanks for all the comments lately it's great to meet people, I can't always reply, but enjoy stopping by new blogs and old favorites.


Anonymous said...
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Rennagayle said...

I haven't been around chickens since I was a young girl when my dad always raised them. I still remember the wondrous delight of reaching into a nest and pulling out a big warm egg. Thanks for resurfacing that memory. :-)

Have a good and crafty break. Be blessed!

andsewtosleep said...

What a lovely picture. It's so good to see them living and feeding freely. I'm not surprised they reward you with eggs - they're just saying "Thank You".