Hello again

I didn' t realise I'd been absent from my blog for two weeks. I've been pre- ocupied with life. I felted those gloves they need another go through the washing machine but it's going to do the trick. Thanks for the suggestions. Instead of reading and writing blogs I've been gardening, sewing and sorting. The garlic beds are manured and dug over and I've been redesigning other garden beds and making compost now that everything's died down a bit. We had a couple of hard frosts last week so I spent an afternoon piling straw up around my young citrus trees and covered them with frost cloth and hessian for winter. I had a massive power bill, $170 for a month so I've been looking for more work, I sewed a few bags as I had visitors who wanted to buy bags and none to offer. I used some of my recently aquired ric rac on one of them and have a few more in various stages of completion. I might get them finished if it keeps raining. I got really frustrated with not being able to find sewing stuff so did some sorting. All the lace, ric rac, bais binding and buttons were in a big chest and I discoved alot of stuff I forgot I had including this adorable golliwog. I'm going to make her some friends her body is made from old wool stockings, I think my Grandmother or one of my Aunts made her the old gingham is beautiful. The sorted stuff will make me alot more efficient I hope, I really am such a hopeless hoarder. Why do I have a huge boxful of zips I ask myself? At least I'll be able to find one to suit now.I've also been staking out Trade me trying to find fabric bargains for more bags but have been bitterly dissippointed so far as the bits I like, everyone else wants too. Bahh.
My Mum had a pretty rotten experience with her recent operation and then her leg got badly infected, the public Health system in New Zealand is getting scary all I hear now is horror stories! She's feeling a little better now and hoping for the all clear on Tuesday to go and visit her grandson in Australia. Thanks for asking.


andsewtosleep said...

It's so good to sort out sometimes. It's like shopping when you come across bits and pieces you had forgotten. I really love your new bags. The fabrics are so lovely. Glad your Mum is through her operation. I hope she continues to improve daily.

Matroskin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You have some lovely things here! Nettles are very good, like spinach, but it's a lot of work gathering enough for a meal.

taimarie said...

Seeing your lovely organized boxes makes me realize how much I am due for an organization of my sewing stuff. And I love those bags!

cesca said...

Just noticed that your blog is linking to mine so I thought I'd come and visit! :-)

LOVE your garden!!! My dream is to one day be semi-self sufficient, but your garden looks great!

Also very impressed at your sewing. I wish I could sew (I can't even sew on a button right...)


Rennagayle said...

Ooh, I'd love to see pics of your garden. :-)

Your bags are wonderful! I wish my crafty sewing stuff were all neatly organized in tubs that way. I guess I should quit wishing and get with it!