Excellent neighbours

I consider myself very lucky to live in such a great community. Over the weekend one of our neighbours gave us some pink carpet they didn't need so we spent a day moving everything out of the littlies room and then laying the carpet. We were excited about putting baby G into a big boy bed as he seemed very keen during the day but after an hour of crying every time mummy left the room we changed our minds and re -assembled the cot. He's not so much of a baby now though as he approaches his 2nd birthday, but he was very happy to be back in his cot. We'll try again in a few months. The hoddie I photographed started out to be for him but he's grown so much in the arms and back lately that we'll find another home for it.
On the other side of the property ( over the wood fence in previous post) my neighbour and I put our heads together to plan our fruit tree purchases today. We're making sure the fruit trees we buy this winter will pollinate each others trees allowing us to plant more varieties. We're working on some apricots, plums and cherrys. I'm going to help her espalier some of her trees like I do. This is my nectarine it's on my back fenceline. The kiwifruit ochardists behind us are not terribly friendly I constantly ask them not to spray weeds along my fenceline but they are bellidgerent and keep doing it. I go out with the hose if I see them doing it and hose it all off when they go round the corner.To his credit he does however ring me when they're spraying the fruit which is luckily only about twice a year.


andsewtosleep said...

Good neighbours are truly precious. On the cot / bed / cot saga...mine all slept in our bed till they were just too big to be comfortable. The cot / bed / cot just used to stand empty lol.

taimarie said...

That hoodie is lovely, I'm sure whoever ends up owning it will be thrilled. Sorry about the weed spraying- glad you have some nice neighbours too!