Sweet saturday

One of those lovely days.
We spent the day with our school community at the Brooklyn Book and country fair, shared out all our coins evenly, and came home with a pile of books, prizes and happy hearts.
It made my day to go and have a cuppa with Melissa whose family bought our house. Seeing the garden again was awesome, like visiting old friends (plants), some had changed, some had grown old, some were thriving and some were sulking. Melissa and her family have put the heart back into the land and it made my heart sing. The most exciting thing was to see a beautiful, huge crop of apricots for the first time ever. The garlic is also looking magnificent! Melissa loves the soil and it made my day after a really full on emotional week.


Melissa said...

How nice of you , friend. I had a lovely day too, very social for me, catching up with lovely old friends: those part of my days struggling with babies.

Sandra said...

Wow. How wonderful that someone who lives a similar dream bought your house Gilly. I must admit that if we had work in Motueka I would have wanted to buy it too!