I'm such a lucky girl, my kids went with their Granny for the long weekend and I got away to the beautiful South Island West Coast with friends. We briefly visited the Punakaiki tavern where all the motorbikes were stopping on their way to the Greymouth street races but the majority of our weekend was spent on the Pororari river trying to catch tasty west coast whitebait.

I enjoyed some beach walks and bush walks and two nights in a batch where I could hear the sea roaring and night. We lit a fire to heat the water for showers and used solar power for music and lights. It was beautiful and I wish I could have stayed all week or forever.


clare said...

sounds gorgeous gilly :)

Melissa said...

Sounds amazing! the environment down there astounded me when we went to punakaiki last year. I can imagine moa and other creatures for sure there. I wish you the fairytale Gill!:)

Ange said...

I love Punakaiki, and the whole West Coast, really. Nice to get away for a bit!!