Granny is a tank, I'm a nana

The boys refer to Granny as a tank.
It's a compliment because, boy is she tough!
Granny rode a Harley Davidson when she was my age. I tagged along to Canan Downs Rally and Canvas town. I was 17 and remember there was quite a bit of mischief. Thank goodness that was before Internet, digital cameras and U tube.
She wisely left me behind for the Brass Monkey.
She didn't need a man to fix her car, or a plumber to fix the pump or to clear a bloody blocked drain!
Her life storey would be worth writing and I only know the half of it.
These day she's nearly 60 and can still wield a chainsaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With all the Autumn rain a tree fell down at school and at the neighbours. At our house the plum tree took on a serious lean. Granny took several heavy limbs off with her chainsaw. (I freaked out like a Nana). We tried to save some of the tree because I think it pollinates the other plum. Skatey will have to build a new tree hut and hopefully silver leaf will not find it's way into those big cuts.

Winter is here


Cat B said...

Ahhh the Brass Monkey - Mr B (my hubby) does the Cold Kiwi - I wisely stay at home with the fire and the electric blanket!
Cat xxx

Debbie said...

I think it is good that Granny can wield a chainsaw and can do things for herself.....true self sufficiency