Community Knitting

Do you want to join in with a good old fashioned Community event?
Saturday 19 June 1.30pm.
$5 entry includes spot prizes, raffle and afternoon tea. All proceeds going to St Johns ambulance.
Baptist Church, Greenwood st Motueka.
Come along and join in for the afternoon. If you're already a knitter bring along some no. 8 needles and have a go at the speed knitting competition. If you're still learning or perfecting your technique come and get some ideas or purchase some lovely new yarn or fibre. I will have a selection of fibre and yarn from Jessicah's shop and sample boxes from Blendy's New Zealand Yarn Sampler Box. As well as some organic, natural dyed yarns from a local crafter and a bit of hand spun from my Mum.
It's getting quite exciting, let me tell you how it started:

I've got to know some of the older ladies who volunteer in the Red Cross, quite well. We talk sewing, knitting and sometimes about the kids, after all they have seen myself and the children quite regularly since the children were born. Some days when I'm not in a rush they have related to me hilarious stories ranging from childbirth to parenting, being a 1950's housewife to local history. I really admire the community spirit of some of the ladies in particular, and follow with interest their contributions towards Operation cover up each year and other charities. For operation cover up they knit dozens of squares for warm blankets as well as jerseys and slippers to send to children in orphanages over seas.
During one of my thrift shop visits I heard that one of the ladies was organising a knitting competition and display to be held in conjunction with the annual winter Festival of lights. She was keen to attract some younger knitters to enter the competition and I suppose, to involve us in the community spirit. I value strongly how much can be learned from our elders so I volunteered to help put some posters up, put a link on Motueka Online and will do a display of some edgy knitting books and patterns, hopefully including a couple of pictures of Urban knitting to really push the boundries. I had great plans to do some "out there" knitting but not alot has come to fruition. I need a team of knitters to get all my ideas completed in time. I tried to teach the kids to knit to pattern but they're not particularly dedicated workers! I will however get a Mohawk hat finished. Watch this space and....
See you there, or stop at the above mentioned shops.


Cat B said...

This sounds like such a neat idea. I've forwarded a link to your blog to my Mum who has recently moved to Motueka . . .

Jill said...

Great idea! I have often thought about how fun it would be to dye fabric or yarn naturally. I was just talking about it yesterday with my daughter. I wish I could attend, but I'm a bit too far away! Hope it goes well!

Ange said...

Oh, have a good time knitting up a storm!! Ace idea!!