Busy days

Neither gardening or crafting are being done. Pictures? Nope.
I miss them a bit, but equally important activities are taking place.
The youngest child in the family is being supported at school with weekly visits to his classroom. 5 years is feeling like a complete blur and I'm starting to think how much I'm going to miss the faces I see at Montessori and Playcentre on a regular basis. A smile and "Hello" at pre-school is often the only adult contact I get in a day.
I'm making a little effort for me too, with a little support from some very loyal friends I might add. Now don't laugh, when I say I've been going to ZUMBA!! (I would link, but come on, you've all heared of Zumba right?) Exercise dancing!! I'm still as "unco" as my bro told me I was about 25 years ago, but it's good to get the heart pumping and the face smiling as well.
With that and other things, there doesn't seem to be alot of time left over each day at the moment.

PJ and the Red do dancing in town 2 nights a week and Pj is doing netball on Saturday morning. Skatey needs to be driven over the hill at 5.30am for weekend pig hunting and freaky evening "weigh ins " where I stand uncomfortably supporting him marveling at dead pigs, deer and rabbits lined up and shown off by the local hunting "tribe".
Then the teen also needed a bit of extra attention this week to prepare for some tramping with his outdoor Ed class. They're in the bush at the moment with maps and compasses on a trip they planned themselves. I wouldn't be a good mother if I wasn't freaking out about the swollen rivers after the recent rain and the cold while sleeping under a tarp. Has he taken enough food and warm clothes? I bought him some merino socks from Potters Patch to make sure his feet are warm and tried my best to walk past his room to see what gear was going in the pack. New tramping boots too. Did he wear them in? No. Did I nag him to do so? Yes!! Am I having nightmares? Yep quite a few.
I squeezed in a little preserving. Sweet chilli sauce: 6 bottles. Swapped one for wild duck breasts and took one as a gift for the hosts who had us to dinner on Saturday night.
Tomato puree: done.
Figs and Fejoias: waiting for me to do something with them.
Garlic: a little bit planted.
Weeds: quite tasty in salad.
Chooks: one laying.
Dog: ear might be getting better, touch wood.
Knitting socks: The second sock curse has taken effect.
Kindness: Feeling good about considering other peoples situations and feelings.
Reading: a selection of knitting books and mags + Jean. M. Auel, in hope that there'll be a new one soon. All my favorite blogs too, with the teen away the computer is MINE.
Listening: Still to the "Black Eyed Peas" and "Marianne Faithfull" probably because that "Lucy Jordan" birthday is looming fast.
Windows, lawns, housework, washing and wood: Waiting for a WOOFER or a visit from Granny.


Gillybean said...

O Lord how could I forget the car has to go in to have the right hand front suspension strut fixed tomorrow and the kitchen drain is blocked with a hole in the S bend for good measure!!

Cat B said...

WOW I'm exhausted just reading what you've achieved. I do so hope that is over a period of time and not just a day or two.
My garden is turning into an empty waste land, however, your blog has reminded me I need to plant my garlic soon soon soon.
*wondering to self* do South Island and North Island have different planting times?
Wonderful to read your update and give my butt a good push outside into the garden but brrrr it is cold!

Gillybean said...

Yep even I can't achieve all that in a few days!! That's about 10 days worth.
I'll publish what I know about planting garlic soon. Hopefully others will add their advice too.

Melissa van Boekhout said...

Oh so busy, GilL!!!And still you always seem to have time to listen to my woes, and get me out of sticky situations! Thanks! we will all miss you at playcentre too!