Arrivals by post

Finally I've finished the "sweet pea" silk fibre from my friend Jessicah's shop . I spun the wool as thin as I possibly could, then I washed a black lambs fleece from my Dad. I thought it might be perfect to ply with the silk, but it wasn't as luxurious as I wanted it to be with the silk. Then I tried a bit of the grey fleece that Mum was spinning when she visited but that wasn't right either. I've since plied them together though and they work well.

I thought I needed to save up for some smokey grey alpaca fibre which would have worked perfectly, but my impatience got the better of me. I dyed some merino from my Aunt, using this method, with raw fleece instead. The resulting yarn is destined to become a lovely scarf for me.
After I finish a few other projects I have lined up.
The letterbox continued to be quite busy all week, it's lovely to go out and find a surprise waiting there. A cook book and garden book from my sister in law. I burnt my favorite cookbook on an element (did I mention that already??) So M sent me a shiny new copy full of all the best recipes for thrifty cooks. Thanks M.
A little treat for the soil too, seeds and a membership to Koanga.


Jessicah Win said...

Wow Gill, the colours are exactly matching! Your spinning is lovely, I can't wait to see what you knit. Thanks for the link love :)

Millie said...

How knid of your Sister in Law! Your spinning is amazing...It is something I have never tried...My mother spins and weaves, and makes willow baskets. Maybe one day!

Gillybean said...

Yes it's lovely to have a sister at long last. Thanks for the compliments about my spinning. It's been quite addictive lately. My Mum use to weave as well as spin but I'd love a mentor to teach me the art of willow basket making.

Johanna said...

Hi Gillybean - I left a comment earlier, but I think a badly chosen word might have sent it straight to your spam folder!

I loved reading this post and seeing your beautiful work - and I love the colour and sheen - it will make a gorgeous scarf!

I hope you post more about your spinning - I have a newfound love of the craft and I hear what you're saying about the addictiveness.