Surrounded by a family embrace

Well they say something about how you can't choose your family. I'm glad you can't because I couldn't have picked better myself.
I've got two little brothers. Apparently I was a terrible older sister when I was small, if you believe the stories the "Fabulous Aunt's" tell. I can't remember having tantrums like Pj does, or being separated from my young cousins for their own safety! I do remember chasing them with Wetas and telling stories of ghosts in my Grandma's house and of course how we told the youngest brother that the ugly painting in the hallway was "the big Eughh" and could scare the living daylights out of him at the mere mention of the fictional monster. Dad use to warn me though when I was scratching and pulling at the boys hair to be careful that one day they'd grow up bigger than me. He's not wrong, my two little brothers stand now at 6ft2in and 6ft4in. Lucky for me they both grew up to love their big (short) sister.

My littlest brother is visiting from Adelaide with his wife and two adorable little boys. It's brilliant having two extra adults around who care for my kids almost as much as I do. The big boys have adored having their Uncle, who's a big kid at heart, to play sport and swim with, while I appreciate a sister in law or Auntie to my kids who's much cooler than me but tells one of them not to moan "just get off your butt and get a job if you want something"
I watch their two wee boys for glimpses of my little brother and admire how gentile, sweet and full of mischief they are.
The extended family came for a shared meal to celebrate their arrival. It's just magic how three generations of brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, Mums, Dads, cousins, friends and a few second cousins once removed, create a joy full energy when gathered together. Shared food from many gardeners, meat grown ethically by family, fish from the neighbour, blackberries discovered around our garden with a promise of potting up some cuttings, tall tales and reminiscences all create a picture of "family" in early Autumn here tonight.
From my garden:
I harvested Maori potatoes for my contribution, making a completely sustainable, organic potato salad. The end result tasted better than it photographed.


Melissa van Boekhout said...

What type of Maori potato are they?Sounds like a lovely time, and a lovely meal!

Gillybean said...

I'm terrible at remembering vegetable facts. I was given this one a few years ago, it grows really well for me so I've just kept saving some to plant the following season. I call it my Maori potato now. It has shown great disease resistance. Last year it cooked up really waxy but it's more flourey this year. Maybe I've left it in the ground longer.

BellaBree said...

the very best kind of day is family surrounding you and feating - cool for you guys!

Jessicah Win said...

I love family get togethers too! Potato salad is a great idea to use up some of ours, we're only a 1/4 of the way through them yet!