Berry buckle

I'd always rather be crafting than cooking. Had you picked that up already?

Tonight for dinner was rooster soup. None of the big kids complained at all , they know better. The red head is difficult at dinner time. I called them to the table with a wink to the big kids,
"noodle delicious" for tea tonight. They all played along, if you give it a jazzy name the red head just might eat it.
Half way through the bribes start. "better eat your noodle delicious if you want some pudding"

I only make it sporadically, the black berries inspired me tonight.
"Berry Buckle" from Alison Holst's Dollars and Sense cookbook.
My copy has seen better days, I almost burnt the house down awhile back when I set it down on a hot element and went outside to collect beans.

The butter, egg, flour, Cinnamon base with fresh blackberries, plus one extra with frozen red currants to have cold for the school lunches tomorrow.
Now here's why I don't bake much. Chopping butter into the topping till it looks like breadcrumbs!

Bah, I'd really rather be finishing my sewing.

Add whipped cream and it's all worth it. YUM


The Littlest Prince said...

Yum! that looks great :)
I am collecting rasberries from my very new plant, I currently have half a small honey container full! We may be waiting a while for something as scrummy looking as berry buckle!

Flower's Page said...

Yum Yum Yum! I try to bribe my youngest with pudding too....She's cought on to 'weetbix or toast' as not really much of a bribe tho! lol

Anonymous said...

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