Suede, Brain

The teen is getting quite good at juggling, but I'm sick of hearing the four of them fight over the juggling set so I made a trio out of suede. I sort of traced the pattern from a tennis ball, that turned out too big so the red head scored the first one. I made it smaller, tracing round the bottom of a glass. Very fiddly to sew but stuffed with sushi rice they are "spot on " according to the teen.
It's nice to see him juggling while he waits for the dial up to load. Good for his brain I'm sure.

Speaking of good for brains,
You'll recognise me in the supermarket because my kids, especially the red head will be saying "mum coke's not good for your brain eh? Are rice crackers good for your brain?
I probably refer to what I think is good for their brain a little too often, do you think?


Melissa van Boekhout said...

Ha, That sounds like my kids: though I don't know how long they'll listen to me for. They call supermarket bread: sugar bread, beacuse of its empty calorie content !

Fledgling said...

Gidday, Gillybean!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And thank you for your very kind words. As to your question, many Farbenmix and studioTANTRUM•Fledge patterns are available Down Under from Lisa at Crafty Mamas:


You can also join in on the fun here:

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With all these links, I hope I haven't been too spammy...Please join in on the fun!

It's nice to meet you.


P.S. Unicycle Boy is totally rad!! IS that even humanly possible? Go, Unicycle Boy! Go!