Not Again

Trampoline this time. The red head snapped both bones in his lower arm last night. Skatey had been helping him to flip!!!!!!! Red said "I cracked my bloody bones Mum"
Very brave at the hospital, worse break this time, but got it x rayed quicker.
I missed the Playcentre AGM which I had been looking forward to for awhile as it would have been my last one, having gone to most of them over the last 16 years.


Kez said...

Oh no :(

Nikki said...

Oh no GB! Your poor little redhead. Sounds ultra brave though!


briar said...

all the best with the healing! oh and for the cotton ball padding that will have to surround that child now!! (if only huh!)

Sally Anne said...

Oh no, and just before the school holidays!
What a brave wee man he is though.
Actually I think you are pretty courageous too GB !!