Friday at last

PJ and I bought some delicious local apples for this weekend's baking. She's been taking about baking again all week and how could I refuse after she worked so hard to achieve "high honours" in her tap dancing exam this week.
The red head stayed home most of the week with me after his eardrum burst on Tuesday night. It was just as well he hadn't gone to see the Parachute band with the other kids that night. His earache came on so quickly but his fever and pain depreciated equally as quickly once the ear burst. So now I add burst eardrum to my long list of parenting experience. Gotta love it!

Thanks for the kind comments and emails I received after my last post. The blog community have been a lifeline at times over the past few years. Please accept this as a personal Thank You.

I understand too that my less than " perfect" relationship status got me dropped off a few peoples favorites as well. Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me is all I ask.


Kez said...

My son had a burst ear drum when he was about 4 or 5 - I didn't even realise he had an ear infection (yeah great mum I am lol), and then he woke up with blood coming from his ear! Panic?? Just a bit!

Leanne said...

Real nice to see you back blogging.

Sorry to hear of your break up (((hugs)))

Burst ear drums ouchie!!! Not FUN!

Well done dancing girl - that is a brilliant achievement.

Happy cooking.

Love Leanne

Melissa van Boekhout said...

What a long week its been! poor Redhead! He seemed so happy in daytime! Gill , you are doing a great job with your beautiful children, with all their different challenges and talents. Relationships are nobody's business but the people involved. To have been graced with any kind of insight into someone else's relationships is a priveledge!

briar said...

Yay for local produce...beautiful! Hope you enjoy your baking htis weekend...I am planning on making something shortly..preferably chocolate!

Jo's Place said...

Baking sounds like lots of fun..

It sucks that people can judge you for your relationship status, it's none of their business. It's frustrating how people can be so judgemental hope things start looking up soon. Hugs

Anonymous said...

You will always be on my favorite list.Who cares what other's think anyway.