I've really appreciated the comments latley, especially one I got from Briar today about enjoying me keeping it real. I like to think that I'm like that.
On my blog I have always tried to find a balance between "keeping it real" and "airing my dirty laundry" of which there is quite a pile! So THANKS you just made my day.

To all who are waiting for the possum gloves pattern I have most of it typed up. I actually didn't realise how tricky it would be because I don't want to get anything wrong. I can see why people have pattern testers now. It is my goal this week to get it finished, that is if that jolly dirty laundry doesn't get on top of me.

Here is another super dooper keeping it real blog.


Kim McBirnie said...

Ach, patterns. I've been trying to translate some of my patterns in to PDF form but it is almost beyond me!
As to the laundry - isn't that partly what a blog is for? Getting it out there is almost like therapy (but cheaper.)
Kim xx

Gillybean said...

Thanks Kim, you totally get it!

Lisa said...

Possum gloves, now there's a great idea. Except it's going to be September by the time I finish the possum scarf at the rate I'm going. But there's always another winter to appreciate them.

Flower's Page said...

HI there,
Glad to hear I'm not the only one drowning in washing right now. Here's a very simple glove pattern from Tiny happys site (you probably have it already but hey!)
on 5mm needles cast on 34 sts. Knit 10 rows in k2 p2 rib, change to st stitch and knit 18 rows, then another 10 in rib. cast off. sew up the side leaving a hole for your thumb.
Hope your kepping warm!

Nikki said...

Yusssssss for dirty laundry. It's coming out my damn ears at the moment. If I had any time I'd blog on the matter for real.

You rock Gilly