Frosty gardening

We got the frost to end the growing season last night. It's good to remember to protect plants around full moon as it often frosts hardest then. Here it's too late to try and keep things protected, winter has stamped it's mark.

It's not all bad though, brussel sprouts, parsnip, swede, etc all have their flavour improved after a few good frosts.

I went out at 9am to feed the chooks and to have a look at how the frost has affected the altered area of the section near where the big shed is built. The shed is a bit of an eyesore, it's not as cute as the old one and it's not the studio I had wanted but it does have one redeeming feature; a tank to collect rain water from the roof. One little step towards sustainability and L's answer to spending the country out of a recession. There is a soak hose coming off it which I'll run around the vege garden once the wood piles are sorted out. I had hoped it might be a little bit more frost protected with the shed there now but it doesn't seem to be much of an improvement.

Then I glanced over to the neighbours place and thought to myself "thou shalt NOT covert thy neighbours passion fruit vine"!!

She has used a little trick that we did when we lived in another cold area. If you have a fire with an external chimney plant those frost tender vines or tree tomatoes near it under the eves of the house. It provides just that extra bit of heat needed on frosty nights. We have a inside chimney here so it doesn't work for us, I've tried about 5 times and it dies every winter. Hopefully my lime tree thrives and then I may have something to barter with.

Otherwise in the garden I'm still just composting, clearing and preparing to plant garlic. I'm harvesting, kumara, potatoes, brassicas, leeks, spring onions, winter lettuce, the odd straggly tomato, peppers in the glasshouse, parsnips, pumpkins and yams which are a bit pitiful this year. The chooks have also finished laying so we'll miss our fresh eggs until after the shortest day now.


Ruth said...

Ooh look at that passionfruit vine... *drools*
My garden is looking somewhat similar with the frost. Makes for pretty photos though :) (Love your rainwater tank too, I want one of those one day!)

Heart Felt said...

We haven't had any frosts yet...I have been waiting to show the kids how much fun frozen puddles are. xx

Corrine said...

We are missing our fresh eggs too. You don't have any recipes for green tomatoes do you? (not including relish or chutney) sigh. loads of green tomotoes, but at least I got a few ripe ones, for a while there I didn't think I'd get any.

Jeannette said...

I just found your blog a day ago.I read the entire blog in one sitting.You are such and inspiration to me.We are moving soon to a new house.I will finally be able to start my garden, i have always dreamed of.I was reading about your plans for fruit trees.

I wanted to share something i found on the internet.They are called Espalier Fruit Trees.I plan to plant some of them, along the tall wooden fence at the new house.

Hope this news will interest you.I have a question for you.How did you get your worm farm started? Here we call them worms farms.Thanks so much for your great posts.I have certainly learned alot.

Melissa van Boekhout said...

My passionfruit is growing now after a summer of not -quite dying. Maybe I should cover it. We have had a few frosts/. And I figured out what the craft co-op was_Potters patch Duh! I haven't been out for a while!Is your shed full of stuff yet? Or just teenage boys?

Jodi said...

Hey hey stranger. Its been a while. Your garden is so beauitful. I hope you are well xo