Golden sand

Freezing cold nights needing hot water bottles and extra woollen blankets are heralding gorgeous late autumn days, perfect for playing at our region's beautiful beaches. (Who wants to stay home and do housework anyway?)
So on the weekend we packed a picnic and some beach toys and headed off to Kaiteriteri, which during the summer months turns into a township of tourists. The locals make themselves scarce
preferring the quieter spots, with the exception of the teenagers who enjoy the beach scene. I love it in it's winter glory, pretty shells, golden sand, subtle colours and not too many footprints.

Skatey boy, always in search of adventure rode his unicycle to the top of the lookout, did a few "watch me" stunts and raced back to join the littlies making castles and channels.
I enjoyed the tranquility. I loved watching this young black shag dip and dive then warm up under the skull rock. I stretched out and soaked up the rays too after I did a few rows of knitting of course.


Leanne said...

Now that is golden sands.
We are in North Island & sands arn't golden like that!

Love Leanne

melissa said...

oh, lovely kaiteri! good on you for leaving the housework behind and relaxing on the beach.
can't wait to get back there! :)

Heart in the country said...

Lovely photos, it's nice to be able to get outside before the weather gets too cold.
We had a lovely weekend but yesterday, a bank holiday was like the middle of winter!