Sowing or sewing

Helen made a good point about pruning, if the weather is nasty don't do it. Disease can very easily enter through fresh cuts. I try to do the pruning with the moon but not if the weather doesn't suit.

The new seeds arrived in the mail today, I can't wait to get planting! I'm holding off till the first quarter of the moon to give them a really good start. I bet folks have already got tomato and pepper seeds going but I have learned in my garden that the late frosts will set back all the early seedlings so much so that the late ones catch up.

A bit of distraction is needed so I've got a project on the go to keep me busy. Fingers crossed this dress suits me cos I love the fabric, I've been hoarding it for a couple of years!!!

And one more thing, does anyone eat Jerusalem artichokes? I roasted them the other night, all the kids said "Yuck" and I wouldn't go for them again unless I had no other root veges to choose from. I wondered if anyone out there had a better way of cooking them?


Te Araroa said...

Jerusalem artichokes make quite a nice soup. I haven't made it for a few years but I used to fry a little onion, then add clean sliced artichokes, and stock. When the artichokes are cooked, add some cream and season well.

I got my package from Kings Seeds a couple of days ago too! Now I am just waiting for the rain to stop ...

Me said...

Oooh new seeds...how exciting! I haven't started my capsicums and eggplants yet as I am space restricted...waiting on the last of my beans to finish....so you are not alone!
Thanks for the pruning motivation too...my poor sickly cumquat got a big haircut!

melissa VB said...

thinly sliced then fried in olive oil and sprinkled with salt. i've seen a salad recipe that uses the fried artichokes and salad greens and bacon?

Christy said...

Fabric and dress pattern look nice. Look forward to seeing it made up.

Pearl said...

I enjoy them cooked like potatoes and served with a parsley sauce.