Garden notes july- seaweed

I'm obsessed with seaweed.

I've been helping out a relative by managing a holiday home for him at Kina beach, after cleaning ready for guests I thought I'd pop out to the peninsula to give the dog and kids a run around. My heart beat with excitement ,( I know! I'm a pretty low maintenance chick.) when I saw masses of seaweed and leaf mulch deposited on the beach. Thank goodness my cruddy old station wagon was due for a clean out, I was able to fill a sack, some supermarket bags and 4 of my reusable bags with seaweed. When I got home, of course I didn't have enough. So I went again the next day with lots of sacks and some bribed helpers.

So that's the asparagus patch by the neighbours fence, it's thoroughly covered. The peach tree is living on borrowed time, if it doesn't produce with significantly less brown rot this year it's out of there. The little triangle patch next to the glass cloches and baby mandarin is also covered. Haven't decided what's going in there yet but I just love my garden at this time of year the control freak in me likes everything mulched and weed free.

See I've mulched more beds here with pea straw and seaweed over by the naughty chook ( prison) run. They go on weeding duty in this run if they get in the garden. No one's in there at the moment as they're all behaving and laying eggs.

Other jobs being done this month: Half the pruning is done, the rest is waiting for the last quarter of the moon next week to finish it off.

I'm not doing carrots at the full moon, my garden's too cold and wet but I've got pea seed in behind the asparagus right up against the fence where it's a little warmer.

The brassicas in the glasshouse are looking very happy on a diet of worm juice.

Cuttings of grape vines are done but there's still plenty of time to do cuttings of berries, grapes, herbs etc.

Tree tomato looks dead in the frost. Passion fruit is holding on.

Seeds are sorted ready to plant in the next first quarter. I'll do hardier herbs and veges in the glass house and tomatoes and peppers on the window sill inside. Feeling more low maintenance excitement here!

Not feeling like going back to work!


Christy said...

I'll have to remember that next time I go to the beach. Unfortunately two hours away and not too often, but still I can keep it in mind. Now I'm interested is July mid-winter for you and what temp is it there now? Nothing goes on much during our winter until about March, for planting etc.

Garden looks great.

Me said...

Love looking at your garden, and I so get the low maintenance thing..and the mulching!!
We're not allowed to collect seaweed here I don't think.
Just wondering what the small trees are in the top piccy?

Gillybean said...

They're feijoas. the bare forked one in front is a seedling apple that my brother grafted a golden delicious onto. Might get flowers on it this year.

Sandra said...

I love your garden Gill and I'm so pleased to have found your blog. I grew up in Nelson and it stil has a special place in my heart.

That's amazing to get so much seaweed to be able to make a thick mulch. I've been strewing the pieces I find over the beds but still need to put something else on top. The nutrient feed will still be good.

Eventually I think I'll have our entire back garden turned into garden, with paths around them for the children to run/cycle through. It's great seeing what wonders you have achieved. How big is your section?