Last week I set up my stall for an event our Playcentre had organised. We had quite a few people through the doors but I didn't make many sales. I'm pretty convinced it's because food and fuel are now so expensive people don't have as much disposable income. I'm optimistic about continuing crafting to provide a little extra for the family though as I know there is a movement out there which appreciates handcrafted items which have far less impact on the environment. My Mum is a great spinner and a good but reluctant knitter so we've combined our talents in making these vests. Since they didn't sell last week (alot of work still needs to be done to re- educate people on the benefits of pure wool garments) I've listed them on my Felt shop.
Finished this cutey, cutey kimono cardy too. Not too sure yet weather to sell it or gift it to someone so I can see it being worn.


Christy said...

The kimono cardigan is lovely. I know what you mean about hand knitted wool cardies and jumpers. My sister in England knits and always gives me something when I visit. When I come back to the States people say I love that, could she knit me one. But when I tell them how much just the wool alone costs, then they're not so interested.

Me said...

Oooh I love the kimono too...beautiful! Handmade things always have a little piece of the maker in them I think...and I love that.