Pumpkin stuff

School holidays weren't the creative, relaxing time I had been looking forward to. I got a couple of sleep ins but four kids from 2-14 and a few wet days thrown in had me at the end of my tether in the first week. I really tried but to be honest the "red head" drove me nuts! I kind of snapped out of it though as I listened to reports about the world food crisis. My silly middle class problems are nothing.

I did a bit of Therapy:
Overdue harvesting, planning to put mustard and cleome in along the fence as catch crops in spring, the neighbours trees suck all the nutrients there anyway.
I love all things pumpkiny.Sorting and tidying always makes me feel better.

Pumpkin and poppy seed bread. Seeds harvested from the garden.

I've resolved to do a better job with my seed saving after the rain nearly ruined my cannelleni and berlotti seeds. Besides you never know when you'll seriously have to feed your family from the garden. Practice makes perfect.


Anonymous said...

How lovely, it must be so satisfying harvesting all your goodies and then baking with it! Jannelle / Heart Felt / www.teatodtoad.typepad.com

melissa VB said...

Awesome harvest, and walnuts too. I love Autumn!! P.s thanks so much for lovely pressies for baby, I especially love the vintage cars green fabric!

Me said...

What wonderful therapy! I can almost smell that beautiful bread and I dream of such a productive harvest...I am only counting 2 pumpkins here at this stage...where were all the bees? Oh well it will make us some lovely soup nonetheless....I watch your garden with much love and just a little envy. =)

Helen said...

Fantastic! I'm very impressed.

ElisabethB said...

Hello Gillybean, do you have a tip to peel easily the pumpkins seeds ??? We eat very often these seeds and I buy them in an organic shop but I saw that they come from China ?? So, now I have a big garden, I would like to have a vegetables garden and to grow up , in part, some pumkins :-)
Thank you to share your experience !