I've quickly finished a couple of projects this week cos I want to start this: (From Special Knits by Debbie Bliss.)
I don't have a littlely this little but it's just so yummy I have to do it.

A warm balaclava for L cos he's freezing in his caravan in Reefton. Don't I look a bit freaky modelling it? I was thinking these would be easy presents for boys and blokes. I often sew for girls birthday parties but usually end up at "The Warehouse" or a book store when a boys present is required. And a rather dull but snuggly, warm, quick jersey, for the red head.


Christy said...

The Debbie Bliss pattern is adorable. I;m not a knitter my sister in England is. All my lovely pieces are from her. I like what you knitted they'll be nice and warm for winter.

Kate said...

I love that kimono cardigan - I have been wanting to make thta one for a while.

katie said...

sublime and dare I say ... slightly ridiculous! oops - insults - but a very warm looking bally there!
I really like the wrap over dress though - I'll be back to see how it looks. same colours?

andsewtosleep said...

I do things like that 'make baby clothes for no one in particular' - so I agree it is beautiful and calls out to be made. Hope you enjoy making it.

alisonmc said...

Cute kimono! You finished projects so you could start another one? I should really try that!