A day in the life

I saw this at Sunny Corner Farm, who joined in from Little Jenny Wren. Today was pretty typical so I've joined in too. I woke early about 6 said to myself what day is it? Oh Thurs, PJ is sick still, don't have to go to Playcentre, I'll lie in. Got up at 7 am when PJ told me her bed was wet. Bother not again why is she bed wetting after several years of being dry? Is she missing her Dad? At work three hours away or her Granny visiting a new baby cousin in Adelaide? Don't know, changed the bed for the third day in a row, just as well the weather is good. Made breakfast for the two little ones, checked the big one had packed his lunch and organised him to light the fire when he gets home from school. Showered while they ate breakfast. Neighbour came over to borrow a lemon. Got kids in car by 10 to 9 to have skatey boy at dental nurse by 9.15 for his filling. There was an argument about who was going to sit in the front and PJ told me she was still dizzy and might be sick. Great, pack a wet flannel and a change of clothes. 9.15 dental nurse, 9.20 post office. Left small kids in car while I posted parcel, quick flick of a magazine. Hospice shop-nothing cheap enough for me. Txt from skatey boy, waiting at the library for me. 9.45 "Mum I saw your car at the intersection it looks really hippy". Dropped off overdue books. Sally Army and Red Cross, more of nothing for me today. Give the kids a chocolate milk for behaving in the car. Home by 10.30 all hungry, make sandwiches and cut up fruit for morning tea. Tell PJ since she's still sick she needs a nap. Try and convince the red head to come out and feed the chooks with me, nah he'd rather annoy his sister by bouncing on the bed. Got him outside by about 11.30 and he helped me plant peas by the neighbours fence. She poked her nose over offered me some old magazines and we arranged a garden visit to a local permaculture garden for next week. Inside for lunch and an hour knitting a scarf I've been promising PJ while watching Dr Phil of course. Drank about the third coffee for the day, got the rat bag into bed and cooked some macaroni for tea. Got some wood in for the fire , did the dishes again and went through the hair plaiting technique which PJ is trying to learn. 3.10 Skatey boy bowled in, "I don't want to go to soccor" and I'll argue the fact for a minute. Wake and cuddle the red head, get wood for the fire then into the car for tap dancing. (PJ's feeling better) Library again, a few books out this time, my card's lost can only get three. Skatey boy to soccor, back to collect PJ from tap then everybody can have a run around in the cool evening air until practice is finished. I crochet the tassels onto PJ's scarf while standing at the field. Txt from L he's got 24hrs off and is off for a social life in Westport tonight. Lucky for some. I picked up a bottle of wine in anticipation of the hyped up foursome when we arrived home. Fire's going. ( He's a great kid.) Turned macaroni on to bake, cooked a few sausages, picked some spinach , rocket and lettuce for a salad by cell phone light from the garden. Small kids have just gone to bed, bathed and having talked to Granny in Adelaide, happy. Teen is on the lap top, skatey boy is watching TV and eating cereal after eating more tea than me and a bowl full of ice cream!. Me checking e-mails, writing blog post. Plan to put washing by fire to air and maybe finish sewing a bag I cut out yesterday, while watching survivor out the corner of my eye.

That was Thursday! Another day in the life 15th next month.

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Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Ohhhhh.... so THAT's what your life is like! Sounds terribly familiar... an amalgamation of my own childhood and my life as a mother.

Enjoyed it :)