Special present.

I might be feeling a bit over emotional with my boy and my darling both going away, because I had a terrible day at work. I think I'm being tested.

This made my day though! A present from an extremely crafty cleaver friend.

Friend, what you don't know is that the skirt which you used for the spotty stockings use to belong to my Grandmother who was spot mad. I wanted to wear the skirt but it didn't suit me and I wanted to make something but wasn't inspired, so I let it go. This softy is especially special because with your busy life you made it for me and it has those spotty stockings which remind me of my very special Grandma. Thanks, it's just wonderful.X

In relation to my problem at work I can see that sometimes letting go can be the most rewarding thing to do.

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Sherrin said...

That's so sweet! It's great to still have the fabric, but repurposed into something special. I love Miss Buttons! :o)