Another garden post

Succulent fresh peas are on the menu every second night. I just wish I'd planted them every two weeks for a continuous supply! They're one thing that grows very easily in my soil, not needing any special attention, just water. It's great to grow things that don't need too much attention. Carrots on the other hand do not grow well for me at all. If by some strike of luck they germinate they usually get taken over by weeds or bugs, carrot fly ,grass grubs, aphids you name it and it will find my carrots.I need to arrange a friendly swap with someone who can grow them because for five seasons they've been pathetic.

I never did get around to sorting out the aphids in the tunnel house, partly because I'm busy and partly because these guys need something to eat. This is a paper wasp hopefully she and her babies will gobble up lots of aphids and grubs. She might also eat the juvenile lady bug on the fennel flowers though, which would be a shame because they love to eat aphids. I feel so much better about letting mother nature sort out the pest control. If only she'd give us a bit of rain as well.
I'm letting alot of plants go to seed, the predatory insects are especially attracted to the umbelliferae family including parsnip,dill, fennel etc. They get really tall making the garden much more interesting and colourful too.


rag_grrl_nz said...

your peas look fantabulous!!!

Heart Felt said...

I have never tried to grow my own peas, you have inspired me to plant them next year!

Anonymous said...

Please could you tell me the name of the flower/herb I found on your Gillybean blog. Trying to find it as want to know if it could give a skin reaction, when moving it.

Thanks. will be delighted to hear from you. Sept. 2008

Sheila said...

Please can you tell me the name of the plant/herb which is on your Gillybean page. and a member of the Umbelliferae family. This has caused a very nasty skin rash and the consultant needs the name to give the correct treatment. Would really value your help. Have just looked and see someone else has asked for your help on this one too. I would be so grateful for your reply and help. Thanks Sheila. September 17th 2008.

Gillybean said...

Hi Shelia, That photo was of a bulb fennel plant in flower. I'd be surprised if this was the plant to cause the reaction though. Many seed heads in this family look similar, including wild fennel, carrots, parsnip, queen Annes lace, angelica, Hemlock (which is deadly poisonous especially seeds and roots!) and many others. Good Luck, I hope that helps a little.