Garden rivalry

What a delight in the glasshouse this morning! Some friends and I have a little friendly garden rivalry going on... I have tomatoes before Christmas!

Dad and I have all out competition organic versus spray and synthetic fertiliser. I have to concede he beats me with carrots hands down but I think I've got him on tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and garlic this year. He's been buying his in!! Enough of that or I might sound like I'm gloating and Mum tells me pride comes before a fall gillybean. Look forward to seeing how everyone else's gardens are going and arranging a few swaps.


rag_grrl_nz said...

We just dug up our baby Christmas spuds, yum! I was so late to everything else in, it will be a while! The rest is winter vege waiting for me to collect the seed!!

andsewtosleep said...

Oh I can taste those toms through the computer!! Delicious.