Some pretty big weather events in Tasman in the last couple of weeks. I have to go over this bridge to get to work and town, it's pretty skinny and scary on a good day but it really freaked me out seeing the water up this high. I am a worrier, often asking myself, OK what am I worrying about? It may be a kind of comfort or habit to be worrying. The bridge collapsing while I'm on it is a fairly common worry as is our old shed blowing down onto the road and causing an accident, being too decrepit to insure makes the worry worse. So after the rain subsided the wind started and a couple of earthquakes shook me up for for good measure. It would be fair to say I've been in a state. It runs in my family, my dear Aunt doesn't go into "the Warehouse" in case there is an earthquake and every thing falls off the shelves and won't drive around rocks road in Nelson when it's raining in case the hillside comes down.
While I sewed for the festival the weeds grew thick and fast in the front garden so it looks more like a wild lawn with flowers in it at the moment than a cottage garden. Never mind I'm more into vege gardens anyway but it will need some attention I guess before all the weeds set seed. My sewing was worth it though, I got lots of nice comments at the festival and made some good sales. Lots of organically grown seedlings went to new homes too so I have alot more room to plant in the glasshouse now and a bit more time on my hands to get the garden set for summer. I had anticipated being alot less busy this week but it's not working out as planned either, I may need a holiday it's all becoming a bit of a slog. Roll on summer!
Fabric hunting is getting to be a huge challenge too I found 2 pieces in a small antique shop round the corner from where my Mum lives but I wouldn't want to buy at antique shop prices very often! The mushroom bit is from Spotlight the day after the festival, 20% off was too good to resist. I have a theory that the red cross ladies are getting all the yummy fabric before it goes out into the shop. I have been contemplating my career options in the last 6 months there are about half a dozen paths I'd bee keen to explore but nothing that I just know is right. Perhaps volunteering in the op shop would be a good way to contemplate?


melissa VB said...

I did wonderwhat the bridge looked like when the water was high. The way you write it it sounds like your worrying is warranted!!!! The weather has been mad. I'm hoping that it settles down after the full moon and then maybe my children will sleep! You posted the mushroom fabric to inspire many a trip into spotlight didn't you...? Its delicious. Maybe they should give you comission! Have a good weekend

melissa said...

i can totally relate to your worrying ways. i do the same- always fairly outlandish worries like cliffs and bridges collapsing, etc. i sometimes think i worry in the hope that thinking of the awful thing, will avoid it from happening. does that make sense?
lovely fabrics- i've not found any nice stuff in the op shops in months, so i think your theory could be right.
the wildflowers look great in your garden!

Daisy said...

Hi! Glad your back on line!! I missed your updates and started to worry!
That mushroom fabric is gorgeous. I will check my local spotlight on monday and hope they have the same over here. Not that I can sew but I might con my sis into whipping something up with it. Spotlight do have some magical fabrics don't they. Happy Days to you.