Weekend waffle

There are not enough hours in a day for me at present. My time is being sucked up by meetings, community networking (sometimes known as coffee with visitors) and little extra things like Drs visits and dropping PJ at school. Ususlly she walks and I'm often still in my jarmies saying "whew" to my self "thank goodness they're all out the door". Often I go round and round in circles too as any Mum with kids can probably relate to, just when I finish the chores kids sweep in and create a new pile of something else to be done. They're excellent with helping out it's just that four busy kids + wet weather + small house = Clutter!!!!!!!! The garden hasn't had much attention, we've had very heavy rain and then when the weather comes out fine for a day I have to tackle the mountains of washing. It is great to have the rain though as I always have water issues in summer so hopefully the more we have from mother nature now, the less I'll have to worry about the well running dry in summer. If you're gardening in the top of the south watch out for those frosts this week if the rain clears quickly because it feels like we've had some late snow today.

I'm trying to create some stock to sell at the upcoming Ngatimoti school festival, the progress in the evening when the children are finally in bed is slow. Some leather booties were this weeks effort: I'm making a few quick presents for friends,a zip up purse which I saw on Melissa's blog by Jessicah of Spinning a yarn is a quick way to use up little left over scraps of fabric. I was going to add a handle too but got visitors again and forgot. Thanks for the neat idea guys.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Cute shoes!!

Hope the sun starts shining for ya soon :)

Mom2fur said...

The booties are so cute. The kiwi ones are a riot!