Button stuff

Awhile ago I made myself this fabric brooch, it always annoyed me cos it didn't seem to have any character. It's been tossed around the living room and in and out of the toy box since then. Yesterday my "skatey boy" sat quietly and created his own version of the brooch without any input from me except to ask "can I use this material?' I think the boy has more creative talent in his little finger than I'll ever have. He was also inspired to make some button jewelery after spying a vintage jewelery book I got from the library. I made the cushion for him to display his work at the festival next weekend. We might have to whiz over to Nelson to buy some clasps for his necklace unless anyone has other ideas of a nice way to join the copper wire on the necklace?


andsewtosleep said...

Hi Gill
you have a 'natural' on your hands. Sorry no idea about joining the wires. I've never been able to master the button jewelry thing. Do you think we could have a tutorial please?

Jessicah said...

Hi there! I've made a necklace with copper wire before- to finish it I made a loop to fit over a bead- your son could use a bottun. the loop can be sqeezed open and shut to take it on and off. I hope that makes sense, becuase it's easier than I've made it sound! Kudos to him getting all crafty- and kudos to you giving him the opportuniy!