More fabric

I found these beatiful fabrics and ric rac at a church fair last Saturday, now they are sitting on a pile in the lounge room waiting for me to find some inspiration. I had a character ballet skirt when I was 7 which had beautiful ric rac round the bottom. My daughter doesn't like it, she's starting to be influenced by what other girls think is cool and not cool. I'm thinking I may be able to incorperate it into my bags and onto the bottom of pants, I'm excited about it even if she isn't. Then on Sunday I put my back out really bad again, I wish I could figure out what's causing it because I wasn't even doing anything I'd consider to be heavy work. I felt like an invalid and was so depressed watching 50 year old Suzanne Paul whirl around the dance floor on dancing with the stars the other night. Thank goodness for the drugs the Dr's given me! I couldn't move yesterday, even knitting hurt!


Jess said...

Hi, Thanks so much for the encouraging words you left on my blog. It is nice to hear other peoples experiances with depression.
I LOVE those fabrics and rick rack!
Happy crafting!


andsewtosleep said...

Sorry to hear about your back - hope it's improving. I loooove those fabrics and ric rac is my favourite at the moment. I remember my daughter finding her own 'style'. There was something sad but inevitable about it. Funny thing is that now she's 21 she has her roots firmly planted in vintage. Take care. Mary

melissa said...

gorgeous fabrics! i'm so jealous fo that ricrac- it's on its original card- so cool.
hopey our back gets better soon- how unfair that you can't even knit at least!