Thinking positive

I'm on the road to recovery. My old chiropractor was good and had alot of old injury's to work through, but the new one is great he uses a gentler method which doesn't involve me having my whole back cracked twice a week. He's very good at taking time to explain theories and steps in my treatment. I'm pretty twisted up still after years of physical work, a couple of accidents and four babies. I've started thinking more about my everyday activities and how I can do them safely. Also it seems I'm going to have to look at how I handle stress and do gentle excercise instead of doing lots of shoveling and carrying. I've resolved to get my teenager in to have some treatment too as he has had several trampoline accidents. Apparently having your bones heal out of alignment can affect your whole wellbeing and even growth. I havn't gardened for a while, but enjoyed a long walk in the autumn sun yesterday afternoon. The toadstool from my walk reminds me of my childhood where I played under a beautiful grove of oak trees imagining faries and their friends living in the toadstool communities that thrived there.Yay I even felt well enough to finish a small knitting project it fits in quite well with the fairy/ pixie memories. I've been inspired by Helen's "week of wool" knitting and crochet posts.

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andsewtosleep said...

I am glad you are getting better. My husband has a real chronic back problem - so I can imagine the pain you've been in. Take care Mary. PS Love the hat.