Moving again

My poor roots can't find any deep, cold, wet ground for summer!

We are on the move again!
This time it's home to the "folks" for summer.
Thankfully they have a rental on their property, but it does feel like a little backwards step.
I'm packing the few bits we unpacked while we lived here at the beach, blasting the ipod on the "do hicky" as you do when you are working. A little bit of Eminem, Adele, Black Eyed Peas and a bit of other angry angsty stuff.
Trying to find a house to buy,
accepting that I can only afford a little place,
perhaps without room even for the trampoline.
Or maybe I could be landlord
with tenants who refuse to pay on time.??!!!

Skatey boy turned 15 yesterday, we are both "cheesed" off the driving age has been put up to 16, he was so ready to drive.
Instead of saving for a car he's saving for a mountain bike to keep up with his uncle and his mates.
In January he will follow his big brother off to Tracks for a rite of passage.
Roll on summer, I have to start study come 20th feb.


Flower said...

That 'tracks' thingy looks awesome! I wounder if there's anything like that up this way? As for house missions, I'm sure the most magical wee whare is out there waiting for you. Have a great christmas xx

Melissa said...

moving is hard... I'm wishing you a lovely place to be yours with enough garden and cuteness, nelson area is a bit cheaper..? theres lots you can do with a small ish space. saw skaty boy on sat, looked pretty cool racing down Kina with a green mohawk on his helmet on a still grey morning. wish him happy birthday from me ( I was knitting while kids watched thir poppa bring in his fishing net) Will do some research into eleampane, thanks