Thank you, a giveaway

A thank you to all who have read, smiled, frowned and reflected at this wee place for almost 4 years. It has been a pleasure to share here. Your comments and emails have meant more than you could possibly know.
You may not know, I love orange (and red heads) so I'm giving away one of my favorite orange and black retro fabric tote bags to celebrate 300 posts. It's a good size for knitting, magazines, market, shopping, etc. It's one of a kind, no one else will have one of these.
If you don't love orange as much as I do I'll send you a mystery package, it will include hand spun wool, patchwork scraps and design samples. Just make a comment or send an email with your preference at the bottom of this post. I'll happily post to the winner anywhere on this fabulous Earth.
Just promise me you'll make one concession for your environment this week and try and make it a priority at least once a week if you aren't already.
Simple ideas to start you off are:
buy local,
buy in season,
teach it to your kids, friends and family,
grow it,
From your friend GILLY BEAN


Tracy said...

Hi Gilly,
I love orange (and redheaeds too for that matter).The bag is lovely and I would love to have it if I am lucky enough.
It may not seem like a big sacrifice to make but I have given up having coffee when I am out(unless I take it with me).
Bets wishes, I have enjoyed reading about your life in NZ for the last few years and hope to read many more stories.

meeyeehere said...

I am new follower 43,hello.I love ORANGE!!!!!I would love to have this bag!I recycle,compost,I walk most places near enough,I don't drink bottled water.I still feel like I could do better but I am working on that.I get new ideas all the time from different blogs.Thank you and have a wonderful week

Millie said...

I love orange and redheads! In fact I went to NZ with a redhead! I promise to do all I can...promise, mainly because I find it hard not to!

Heart Felt said...

Congrats Gill, amazing how time flies. Good advice, even the smallest change can make a difference. xxxx

tartankiwi said...

I have a checkered history with orange! Being a child of the 70's I HATED it when my mum dressed me in brown and orange. I vowed that I would never do the same to any child of mine. As I grew older my attitude mellowed and after living in Holland for 10 years, where the whole population finds any excuse to dress in orange (Queens Day, any international football match etc...) I grew to actually like orange. Shock horror, I have even bought some orange for my daughter! So incase you hadn't guessed, I'd LOVE your orange and black retro bag :-)

Cat B said...

Hi Gilly,
I still have no idea how I 'found' your blog, however, I did and I LOVE it and I use your garden reference to advise my Ma who has recently moved to Motueka and is still gardening with Auckland seasons (silly silly).
I can take or leave orange, I'm more of a PINK girl :)
I always try to buy local and/or NZ,
other than bananas and grapes I always buy in season,
with chooks and a garden we are teaching our kids and smile that so many friends are now building veggie gardens and/or chicken coops,
I try to walk to and from school pick up at least 4 times a week and shake my head at how many cars are parked outside, I like to give away anything we can't find a use for, I'd rather give with a warm hand than sell, one day it will come back to me, fabrics and wood are often recycled in our house, we share our excess eggs and veggies with our neighbours, we grow as much as we can possibly fit on our section and are learning as we go,
smile, love & forgive go without saying.
Cat xxx

Christy said...

Always love following your blog. I love the orange bag, it's so retro.

Well I grow a garden; which is tailing down at the moment. Made salsa, wine and plum jam. Scrumped for apples at a friends.

We live quite frugally, as hubby is unemployed at the moment. Using all our resources and not buying too much. We have our wood chopped and stacked for the winter.

So just trying to keep it all going.

Lil Bit Brit

Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

Gilly I don't usually enter giveaways - I feel awkward about it when I don't do giveaways myself. But as it is you and your bags look so gorgeous, I'm entering and promising to do good and green. My most current project is growing from seed instead of buying seedlings in punnets (which then get eaten by slugs). I'm also focusing on clawing back our spending and two greenie offshoots of that are not using the tumble drier unless it is raining for days and cutting back on petrol usage. Brighid has been cycling while I walk instead.

Carol said...

Hi Gilly

Your bag looks lovely, maybe if I am lucky it will be mine ! I have been steadily increasing my range of 'green' initatives - walking to work, recycling like mad, expanding my veggie growing etc. Trying to take a few people on the journey too. People like you are such an inspiration, well done :)

Ruth said...

I love the bag, it is gorgeous and a really good size! I've been catching the bus to work lately and thinking to myself that I need a bigger bag to hold all the stuff I bring to work, mainly my lunch, snacks and water (much healthier and cheaper than buying lunch every day.)
When work relocates closer to my home again I'll be back to biking. (My bike has a lovely big basket for holding all my food!)
Congrats on 4 years blogging, it's always a pleasure to read what you're up to.

Joan said...

Love the bag Gilly. Would be great to win it. Congrats on your onging blogging. A great read.

Corrine said...

Hi Gilly,
I'd love to win that bag.
I have a lot of recycling going on around here, but one I have battled with is not to use plastic to line the rubbish bin.

Beth said...

I'm a redhead! (henna) and love that bag! The sunflowers we received from you last year grew wonderfully and the next generation are going strong :) Congratulations on 300 posts!

clare said...

ooooh! pick me! that bag is gorgeous. love your blog, and have done for a looong time. congrats on 300, that's amazing x

Suse said...

congratulations on four years of blogging! That orange bag is just lovely.