Quick change of plan

I just passed my 300th post and I've been thinking about a giveaway to celebrate,
but when the fresh caught whitebait arrived for dinner last night sausages went off the menu really quickly and a salad was sourced from the garden. I just had to share the images here for your mouthwatering pleasure.

Whitebait patties:

For 1lb of freshly caught whitebait, have the children beat up two free range eggs, sprinkle in a tablespoon of flour and season with pepper and salt, add whitebait. The kids will enjoy tipping the whitebait in the bowl and giving it a stir. Mine love the eyes and tease each other to eat them raw.

Then easy peasy, put spoonfuls in a pan to fry in butter.

Come back for the giveaway next week.


Leanne daharja said...

Right about now I'm expecting my mother to come through your door, challenging you to those patties with a machete!

Enjoy :-)

Gillybean said...


Flower said...

I am actually drooling!

Millie said...

Did I read that correctly...that they eat the fish eyes raw? Just checking?

Gillybean said...

Hey Millie, They mostly just tease each other to eat the whole fish raw. The whole fish is only an inch and a half long, so we need lots to make a patty. I suspect the big boys have fullfilled the dare to eat them raw, but the little kids are just facinated by the eyes and the fact that they are going to eat the whole fish eyes and all.

Millie said...

Either way it's cool for kids to get to eat fish eyes!
Your post came into my head several times today and made me remember some of the cool things I ate in NZ...fresh caught crayfish, wild boar, venison and some pattys made from shell fish a Maori guy picked in the bay and cooked for all the apple pickers in the YMCA! If I remember correctly, only Maori people had rights to collect them?

Gillybean said...

Hey Millie it's great you have such great memories of NZ and it sounds like you really got to experience our food culture. Maori do have customary rights which allows them to collect more than the usual quota. Most seafood or "kaimoana" is pretty much availabe for all of us to collect.